Call for Papers: International Workshop on Agent-based modelling of Urban Systems (ABMUS2017)

The ABMUS2017 workshop on Agent-based modelling of urban systems will be held at the AAMAS2017 conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 8-9 May 2017. Researchers and practitioners who use agent-based models and agent systems to understand, explore, and manage cities and urban infrastructure systems are invited to submit papers to ABMUS2017. The overarching theme for […]

GeoComputation 2017 – 4th – 7th Sept 2017 in Leeds

We are pleased to invite papers for GeoComputation 2017, to be held 4th – 7th Sept 2017 in Leeds, UK ( We are also inviting proposals for themed sessions. Paper submissions should be in a short paper format. Details of the format and the URL for submission can be found at: The deadline for […]

Agents – the ‘atomic unit’ of social systems? (Call for papers, AAG 2017)

We welcome paper submission for our session at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting on 5-9 April, 2017, in Boston. Session Description: By defining a social system as a collection of agents, individuals and their behaviours/decisions become the driving force of these systems. Complex global phenomena such as collective behaviours, extensive spatial patterns, and […]

Space, the Final Frontier

I have just had a new paper published with Alison Heppenstall and Andrew Crooks in the journal Systems. Heppenstall, A., N. Malleson and A. Crooks (2016) “Space, the Final Frontier”: How Good are Agent-Based Models at Simulating Individuals and Space in Cities? Systems 4(1) 9 doi:10.3390/systems4010009 Abstract Cities are complex systems, comprising of many interacting […]

How big data and The Sims are helping us to build the cities of the future

I have recently published an article with my colleague, Alison Heppenstall in The Conversation. In the paper we discuss how computer simulation and big data are coming together to improve the ways that we model and understand cities. The article is free to read here:

Call for Papers: New Directions in GeoSpatial Simulations

First Call for Papers:  AAG Chicago, April 21 – 25 2015 NEW DIRECTIONS IN GEOSPATIAL SIMULATION The geospatial simulation community has enjoyed steady growth over the past decade as novel and advanced forms of agent-based and cellular automata modeling continue to facilitate the exploration of complex geographic problems facing the world today. It is now […]

Lipari School on Computational Social Science

I recently presented at the Lipari School on Computational Social Science in the workshop Modeling Spatio-Temporal Reasoning in Complex Social Systems. It was a great summer school with very well known speakers, including Prabhakar Raghavan (Vice President of Strategic Technologies, Google), Carlo Ratti  (Director of the Senseable City Lab, MIT) and Prof. Claudio Cioffi-Revilla (George […]

Agent-Based Modelling in the Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Springer have just released the Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. I have a couple of entries in there about agent-based modelling and model calibration: Agent-Based Models to Predict Crime at Places [PDF] Calibration of Simulation Models [PDF] There are also some other interesting agent-based chapters: Agent-Based Modeling for Understanding Patterns of Crime (Elizabeth R […]