GISrUK Presentation: “Optimising an Agent-Based Model to Explore the Behaviour of Simulated Burglars”

I have recently presented some early work at the GISrUK conference on using a genetic algorithm (GA) to calibrate a complex agent-based burglary model. Slides are available here: GISrUK 2013 Presentation and the abstract is here: GISrUK 2013 Abstract. The aim of the work is to use a GA to calibrate the behaviour of virtual […]

GIS for Crime Analysis Course

We have some spaces on a two-day course on GIS and crime analysis running at the University of Leeds onĀ 20th/21st September 2012. The course is open to staff and students at Higher Education Institutions in the UK and Ireland. For more information, or to register, follow this Registration Link. Course Outline. This 1.5 day course […]

The International Crime Drop

Despite public/media perceptions, most evidence suggests that crime has dropped substantially since the 1990s. The graph below, taken from a 2011 Home Office report into the British Crime Survey (BCS) and police recorded crime (HOSB1011), shows that BCS crime has nearly halved following a peak in 1996/7. This has been absent from most media coverage. […]