Space, the Final Frontier

I have just had a new paper published with Alison Heppenstall and Andrew Crooks in the journal Systems. Heppenstall, A., N. Malleson and A. Crooks (2016) “Space, the Final Frontier”: How Good are Agent-Based Models at Simulating Individuals and Space in Cities? Systems 4(1) 9 doi:10.3390/systems4010009 Abstract Cities are complex systems, comprising of many interacting […]

How big data and The Sims are helping us to build the cities of the future

I have recently published an article with my colleague, Alison Heppenstall in The Conversation. In the paper we discuss how computer simulation and big data are coming together to improve the ways that we model and understand cities. The article is free to read here:

New Paper – Using Social Media to Estimate the Number of Potential Crime Victims

Malleson, N. and M.A. Andresen (2015) Spatio-temporal crime hotspots and the ambient population. Crime Science 4(1) [URL (open access)] [DOI:10.1186/s40163-015-0023-8] It is well known that different types of crime will have different impacts on different groups of people. For example, some groups of people will have higher risks of becoming victims of street crime simply […]

Agent-Based Modelling in the Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Springer have just released the Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. I have a couple of entries in there about agent-based modelling and model calibration: Agent-Based Models to Predict Crime at Places [PDF] Calibration of Simulation Models [PDF] There are also some other interesting agent-based chapters: Agent-Based Modeling for Understanding Patterns of Crime (Elizabeth R […]