UK Government Spending Treemap

Inspired by David McCandless’ TED talk (the beauty of data visualization), I decided to try to visualise government spending in a useful way. This is particularly relevant given the current worry over state spending on benefits. Happily the Guardian have collected all the data, otherwise this would probably have been impossible (given the amount of […]

Unemployment Visualised

I had a bit of time on a Friday afternoon so thought it might be interesting to map some unemployment data I had read about in the Guardian Data Blog. These figures show the percentage of people (both men and women) of all ages who were unemployed in April 2013(according to the ONS Labour Market […]


I have just come across this interesting data from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGIA). They have a big database on anti-shipping (piracy) locations, available for download here. The map below shows areas that have received the largest numbers of anti-shipping alerts.