COnsumeR Data for crIme AnaLysis (CORDIAL)

Understanding where and when groups of people might be vulnerable to crime is important, because without this information it is difficult to know whether or not a crime hotspot is significant. However, data about where people spend their time during the day (i.e. the ambient population), rather than where they live, are hard to come by. For example, violent crime is often highest in city centres, but this might be expected given the number of people who congregate in these areas. On the other hand, a high volume of crime in areas with fewer people are more likely to signify a serious crime problem.

This project will attempt to build a clearer picture of the ambient population using data from commercial sources, such as mobile telephone usage and financial transactions.  This new picture of the ambient population will be compared with crime data, in order to re-evaluate the significance of existing crime hotspots, and to provide recommendations as to where resources might be best invested to reduce crime.